However, if it is down Dofus Kamas

  • However, if it is down Dofus Kamas, simply go do something else and in a few hours it likely will be up for play." That way of thinking you could likewise not play dofus. Just go do other things. Was it your point? We compensated for this, if we did n't, then yea and chose to play -. You paid on your car? Go do something else instead of driving. I only wanted to make a quick reminder to make sure that everyone makes sure their articles to the forum are respectful.It's obviously a bit frustrating to encounter server difficulties when you're trying to playwith.

    Understand that today was a major update to the game, one which was met with great anticipation by the greater community, and as such there is possibility of surprise bugs along with exceptional maintenance.It's totally nice to voice your frustrations concerning this matter, but please be sure that we're all being respectful of each other, and Ankama, since these issues are worked out. It's in Ankama's best interests to fix the issues expeditiously, and Ankama will offer proper communicating as necessary.Likewise, it is in everyone's best interests to remain calm and civil as this scenario is worked out.

    I'm not entirely certain where to post this if I need to at this phase of execution for the temporal anomalies. However, I have one or two questions about it. To off - is it chosen randomly at which time/era they are put and at which they appear, and is there some chance of understanding what exactly goes into buy Kamas Dofus Retro deciding how many anomalies look based on the specific population of a server? I am asking this because I really feel like it's a modest number of anomalies appearing on the server I'm playing - I observed three seeming within this afternoon, and I was on from approximately about 10:30 AM to soon before midnight.