there is still a lot more RuneScape gold

  • I am Comped, but there is still a lot more RuneScape gold for me to do. Bought my bonds months. I'll get Trim next year. Or buy Warden. Or make it. Or even Boss. Who knows. But I'm certainly going to keep playing because there is a good deal of stuff that I want to do, and best club gives me a way to do this without actually opening my wallet. 20 instead of 26, hell, it even saves bonds also. So the way I see it is this: Runescape is a free game that I enjoy playing, has articles I wish to playwith, and even ends up saving me money because I am spending some time playing this rather than purchasing something new for my own PS4. To me, the cost is absolutely worth it, if not the best bang for my dollar beside library books for amusement.

    I personally regretted, not getting it. Played during the year on two - 4 balances and paid full price I played on without premiere's added value. The M+S, bank rework added great value to runescape its only a shame it took up as much dev time as it did. I believe as a community we worry to much about what others believe and feel and the way they play runescape. Not saying the amount of this MTX rolling isn't intense but its going to take place in 1 manner or another.

    TH just so happens to be a success from the point of view it allows people runescape players with cash in order to add value without sinking into runescape. Allowing them to access the material they wish to buy rs 3 gold do faster. Having just started a new alt accounts I will definitely understand the value TH adds for all those runescape players with more money they do some thing. Having only watched the Monetization QA all of the way through there were a lot of small things that were missed in the TLW not stating Suity/ImRubic did a poor job there was just somethings that I dont believe were highlighted correctly. Especially since they will be coming out with a Dev blog this week with more information on the premiere battle pass, something that will add much more value into premiere club.