King Clustus Sheran Sharm of Bonta at the Dofus Kamas

  • King Clustus Sheran Sharm of Bonta at the Dofus Kamas Mangas was an Osamodas. As far as I've been able to work out, the Sadida Kingdom royalty in the Wakfu Era is somehow related to the Bontarian royalty of the Dofus Age.Hm. That is interesting. I was not aware of that advice and it is not something hinted at throughout the episodes from Wakfu's set.We're aware that our previous message can leave you with the impression that we were planning to make some sloppy changes to the remaining classes, and then bury the subject. We misspoke, it occurs. Grin. The idea is, in reality, the opposite. We want to take the time to offer you a class balancing, and this requires us to adjust our calendar. Really, we went beyond out obligations on the very first courses: while we originally proposed to improve several spells for each class, we ended up picking for gameplay modifications, the addition of new spells, and a revision of specific mechanisms when necessary.

    Why did we go beyond what we intended outside to do? Because of you! Opinions and the numerous comments, your investment and dedication to this subject, and your fire have given us the responsibility. It comes at a cost: at work and, of course, in time.To complete this project without time constraints, we think it is a good idea to set up the classes which will be prepared (whose adjustments are currently available on the Beta server, and that we will elaborate on in accordance with your feedback) as early as the next update. We would then continue to correct the remaining classes to have a consistent outcome that corresponds to your expectations.

    There would be no point in postponing this upgrade, such as an improvement to the game client and the Vulbis quests: also the course balancing and these topics are uncorrelated and will evolve independently from one another. We, therefore, release ourselves from the time limits (we MUST complete everything before the update) to offer you longer, a little afterwards. The only consequence might be the possible postponement of another Kolossium year, but that is a small cost to pay.Additionally, we do not refrain from continuing to make minor alterations during future updates to further boost your gambling experience. Our job isn't finished buy Kamas Dofus Retro. The door won't close. We will not race against the clock. On the contrary: we're currently taking our time.