Though you might be forgiven for believing Dofus Kamas

  • Though you might be forgiven for believing Dofus Kamas and Wakfu are not Klingon words for describing someone who opens the airlock mid-flight. Rather, both are popular exceptionally multiDofus player online Dofus games (MMOGs) having an impressive multimedia presence, including the titular Wakfu arcade series. Dofus and Wakfu's parent firm, Ankama Dofus matches, is slowing things down with its next job: A board Dofus game set from the Dofus / Wakfu world known as"Krosmaga" (so that's three fake Klingon swear words!)

    Krosmaga, which combines tower defense with card-collecting, is planned for a physical and electronic discharge (PC, iOS, Android). Dofus players choose the role of gods and use magic and monsters made famous by Dofus and Wakfu.While Dofus is meant to be a PvP adventure, there is a solo option for lone gods, also. In any case, Krosmaga is engineered to be user-friendly and available. However, Krosmaga isn't a thing that is sure . Ankama Dofus games will be launching a Kickstarter in the future. Given the popularity of the franchise, there's very little doubt.

    Traditionally speaking, Ankama Dofus matches' Dofus series is best known for 2 iterations: the Flash-based MMORPG which was launched in 2004 along with the Wakfu collection of Dofus matches that has seen iterations on Xbox 360 and a coming version for browsers. Dofus: Battles [$2.99 / HD] takes the preexisting universe and art style in the browser Dofus games and drops it onto iOS as a curious small tower, uh, dragon shield Dofus game using a pair of RPG elements.Despite the pedigree, you don't actually have to be familiar with Dofus to enjoy Dofus: Battles. Because this isn't just one, nor do you have to buy Kamas Dofus Retro like MMORPGs. The uninitiated can pick this up fast and without trouble, although it helps a little to know things and the character types.