In case you haven't completed Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta

  • In case you haven't completed Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta your class teacher's missions yet, now's a great time to perform them. You can utilize Kressida's missions as a way to go to different areas of each planet, and in case you haven't done Afin's missions yet, you can certainly do them together with Kressida's assignments. You can do assignments from Io, Amelin and Franca later. Don't forget to keep doing the missions of Cofy. Additionally, there's a pursuit from your class instructor (at par 30) that will provide you 5 Skill Points to invest on your skilltree. Remember to do these assignments for your primary course along with your subclass.

    At this time, your firearms and components start to acquire significance. I recommend that you have weapons of your class at least 4* - 6* of rarity at +10 minimal, and units of at least 4* - 6* of rarity at +5 minimum. If you have better weapons and units, that is great. And in case you haven't made rings to your personality nevertheless, this is a fantastic time to do it. It is a good idea to begin after the story of Phantasy Star Online 2. Bear in mind that you can follow the narrative in 2 modes: an easy manner that doesn't ask for too much, and a challenging mode that will test your character's abilities. If you stick to the narrative in easy mode, you can repeat it in tough mode when you've got more level and better weapons and components. Also now it's a good idea to begin entering Urgent Quests, so you can get better items and exp for your own character. Don't forget to keep claiming your names.

    From degree 40 to degree 55: You can get the Very Hard levels of the maps. Keep doing Cofy's assignments. Now, these will be the last missions she provides you... for today. You can also enter Advanced Quests. Speak to Cofy and she will give you three missions (one following the other) that can be completed on these maps. It will also offer you capsules that will make it possible for you to buy PSO2 Meseta input those quests. Do you recall the missions that Io, Amelin and Franca have for you?