No, not everybody wishes to Dofus Kamas progress"so fast"

  • No, not everybody wishes to Dofus Kamas progress"so fast". Read stage 1 above. Some enjoy playing gradually, doing quests, even doing stuff appropriate for degree and do like. Those players do want equipment, which they craft, get crafted, or purchase, cuz you can't fight a lot of dinosaurs, even if reduced level, in only adventurer set. And what I meant with valuable, I meant it, as the times scrolling mechanism, via sources, with an alternative on trading dragoturkeys for scrolls. Why not make that back? Or buy something in position? Items that low / or resources med lev characters have a price and revenue for all degrees, and yet can farm.

    What I had in mind was Dofuses or items/ tools that could assist the the characters with levels on a selection that is certain, as stated by the dofus/ item. And no, the entire game isn't about questing for dofuses; it's also about that adrenaline spike, awaiting results screen, to see whether you dropped some valuable and maybe ultra rare product. When they were players: when crit dofus was shed, or when it is pursuit? And if you think they'll be more gamers: today, with vulbis as drop, or once it becomes obtainable by quest (I expect it won't, though). Why do you believe people visit play on 1.x servers? I'll tell you why: cuz it was more fun, more relaxed, less stressing.

    You can not expect team hunt to work when it wasn't designed correctly. For Gobbal Dungeon is the same if you go with 4 cras or 4 elios or 4 you-name-it. For HL and end game dungeons, you require classes in functions. Not just the team search has been busted, but also most HL and end game dungeons are broken, since they simply don't utilize a strictly random gathering of figures, even though they'd belong to the same player which would give them a few coordination; but add totally random courses from group hunt, to lack of communicating, to lack of awareness on the way the dungeon functions, and you also get disaster; and for a random group, you just can not expect all to stay up all night to perform 49 tries, until they get it right.

    Is it useless an event in which you get products that are ceremonial? If a newbie lev 15 gets the exact same ceremonial item (which isn't even exchangeable), does that make your thing worth less? You got me here! I said there, if you'd have read, you would have noticed"more independence for pvm and pvp gamers, so that they don't feel forced to do the contrary of what and how they like the best way to perform". Request every pvm-er how s/he that is happy is when s/he has to buy Kamas Dofus Retro devote whole bundles on pebbles obtainable from kolo for leveling up professions. They're way a lot of items now, for the prices for many mats from critters have dropped radically (and will still drop more) while the costs for pebbles from kolo have stayed the same, or have even raised.