The aberrant advancement costs 10 keys to purchase

  • Rocket Canyon 2 was arise with a glossy new bivouac that shows off abounding of the items in action. You can aswell accretion the absolute calendar of items on Rocket Canyon 2 here. The items ambit from apish to mysterious, and abounding of them assume to Rocket League Trading coursing a Sci-Fi affair with names such as "Tachyon", "Cyberglyph", and "Quasar". There's even a set of auto alleged "Madness" which are accurately creepy.

    There will be chargeless and aberrant advance for Rocket Canyon 2, so everybody can participate in unlocking cast new cosmetics. The aberrant advancement costs 10 keys to purchase, the agnate of $9.99 USD, but you can aswell use keys you currently own instead of purchasing more.

    With the contempo buffs to earning XP and the bonuses players will admission through Rocket Pass, hopefully you'll get all the cosmetics you're afterwards afore Rocket Canyon 2 ends on March 18.