You are chargeless to leave it and instead adjournment for some

  • In August, Psyonix arise that the "loot" boxes in the Rocket Alliance will abandon by the end of 2019. However, what new affairs the developer had to accomplish money on Rocket League Keys cosmetics did not arise to fruition, but now the angle is clear.

    Via its website, Psyonix says that the boxes of adventitious agreeable will be replaced, ancient in December, by what the developer calls "Blueprints". Briefly explained are these assets that acquiesce you to physique a specific corrective item, if you are accommodating to pay for it.

    After ceremony match, players accept the adventitious to be adored with a adventitious Blueprint. If you like what you see, you can use Credits, Rocket League's new exceptional currency, to physique the item. Whether the car, the acrylic or whatever it is you accept not been tempted, you are chargeless to leave it and instead adjournment for something better.