Clans will assuredly be introduced

  • Clans will assuredly be introduced, ceremony association acclimatized up to 500 members. These clans will acquiesce players to Runescape Gold accomplish friendships and alliances, accustomed a added agreeable acquaintance to OSRS. This includes a Accumulation Ironman challenge, adequate luck!

    A new Accumulation Bang-up will be added if the Morytania amplification launches in aboriginal 2020. The new Accumulation Bang-up is the Nightmare of Ashihama, see the angel aloft for a examination of what’s to come.

    There will be a new Ironman challenge, this time you will not be alone. The Accumulation Ironman claiming will acquiesce you and up to four added players to advance the Ironman claiming together. Acceptation some of you can focus on training, others on agriculture and anyone abroad on mining.