Astellia Online provides ample opportunities

  • How will you support the sport post Astellia Online Asper? We have a group of seasoned MMO publishers that have worked to prepare an infrastructure to encourage Astellia. We would like to provide for both growing the community and issues. In terms of the continuing development of Astellia, while we can't give too many details, Astellia has a long and bright future for content.

    This isn't a game that's been established in several regions already, and it's not one we're merely"publishing" in the West. We are just like the studio in Korea, even though we are here in Irvine. Wehave a ton of strategies for new articles, fresh Astels new stories, and're part of the team. We are only getting started.

    What is your present timeline for launch? This summer, our group is working hard to start Astellia. Stay tuned for more information in the coming days.Rest assured, you won't have to wait to get your hands on beta safe Astellia Online Asper site tests and also the completely established product.

    What do you believe are the features that will most appeal to western players? The Astel system enables players to perform and be exactly what they need, and that's what we think is going to appeal to gamers the most. We wanted to make a game in which it had that"holy trinity" of classes, but also with a spin that gave players more freedom.