Opportunity to the case on DOFUSV

  • What future for Dofus Unity? Following the sudden success of the Dofus Retro servers started two weeks ago, the CEO of Ankama has devised a solution that could greatly facilitate the development of Dofus Unity however is far from unanimous among Dofus players. The concept is to rely upon the Retro version of Dofus, much poorer in articles and Dofus game mechanisms, to make this famous Kamas Dofus Retro.

    So we'd have a recent version of what Dofus was before 2010 that would follow more or less the upgrades the MMORPG has undergone since then, keeping only the ones which have really rained and by banning what's futile and complicated Dofus unnecessarily based on Anthony Roux.

    If this remedy is chosen in the long run, Dofus 2 would continue to exist and be updated under flash and Dofus Unity are a new Dofus game and follow his own path, the manager of Ankama not wanting to impose a change as radical to those Dofus players since was the passing from 1.29 to 2.0 in the time.

    If this idea does not appeal to all Dofus gamers, many of whom love Cheap Dofus Kamas precisely because of its richness and sophistication, it's mainly the impossibility of maintaining his characters that's debate. Indeed, because it would be two distinct Dofus games, it appears plausible that we can not transfer his characters from one to another. But abandoning avatars with whom we've spent more than ten years is just inconceivable for a part of the community.