Far from unanimous among Dofus players

  • You can get the whole collection of methods and resources for regaining scrolls in this dedicated article. Know the harvesting transactions can pay really large on Dofus 1.29, the only investment to be made would be to buy the instrument corresponding to the NPC which will teach you the trade. It is going to also take some time, but you can start at the start of your Kamas Dofus Retro For Sale! If you don't know which trade to choose, consult the guide of the ideal harvesting professions in 1.29.

    Sur 2.0 according to 1.29, some stone can be converted into valuable stones. This little action demands the activity of a minor, but may be extremely rewarding if done nicely. Really, components are sometimes sold cheaper than finished goods, giving you a small margin per craft. Look also in the Gold Ingots and Covenants (through an exchange in the Amakna Jewelers' Workshop), there are plenty of methods!

    They'll be hunted down, but if you have the opportunity to find one, and you have the proper tools (The Soul Capture charm and Soulstone), it'll be the jackpot! Their cost is occasionally 100 times higher than 2.0, so do not hesitate and go for Cheap Dofus Kamas!

    Objects have fixed probabilities of providing awarded runes. Breaking Gélanos loop (Care, this is not rewarding!) Will allow you to recuperate, at one time or another, a rune. Prefer, nevertheless, items of higher-level, or recipes into several boxes.Here are two quite well-known examples of frequently interesting items to craft in mass to break themThe Rape of Treechnid Root for the runes PA along with the Cruel -Trello-trowel for PM runes.