The Path of Exile: I will get rich when I get to these maps


    As a hardcore game, the Path of Exile is quite unfriendly to novice players. One of the most unfriendly points is the price, which is really uncomfortable for the first time the player is exposed to the game. In the previous season there was no map warehouse, no fragment warehouse, and no dark gold warehouse. Although the current version has improved a lot, the only way to judge whether an item is valuable is to check the market, which is the root cause of dismissing most new players.
    Today, I mainly talk about the map. At this stage, everyone is crazy about brushing up the map and accumulating POE Currency. We all know that the higher the level of the map, the higher the value, of course, that's right. But the dark gold map in the map, do you know which one is the most expensive?

    First, Prandes Manor / T10 Castle
    This map belongs to the T10 castle, which means that there is a chance that the castle will come out, but why is it 2E? There are several reasons
    1, the output is small, this dark gold map is very low compared to other maps
    2, light the map to do the achievement task, the Path of Exile has no stage in the season, the achievement task will give the corresponding segment points
    3, limited to drop "Black Shark - Valle Blade", "Zefoyi's final potion", these two things are 1E for the current season
    In fact, this map was more expensive in the past season, the lowest is 4E, but it may be that this season is not very friendly to the physical attack system, resulting in the price of the limited drop items falling, which makes the price of this picture lower. If you want to POE Currency Buy, MMOAH website offers a lot of cheap items.But even 2E is very valuable for the current players, and some low-cost BD, 2E can almost graduate.

    Second, the Secret Museum / T9 Ancient Museum
    This dark gold map belongs to this map of the T9 ancient museum. The reason for this picture is expensive.
    1. Light up the map achievements, just like the above Prandos
    2, the output is small, I feel like this nonsense, but this is indeed the main reason
    3, BOSS drop fate card, here pay attention to not a few, but dozens. Therefore, "European Emperor" can test your luck value while lighting the map. Drop a high-value destiny card and earn it directly. If you are not very confident about your luck, you can also buy tickets, a position 20C steady earning.

    Third, Dolly's Lost City / T3
    This dark gold map belongs to the domain of T3, and BOSS will change the attributes and difficulty according to the player's choice. The value of the dropped items is not too high this season, so the price of this picture is not too high, but 40C is for the land reclamation. It is still very valuable in the period, if you hit the suggestion to sell tickets to team up to light the map.
    The above three dark gold maps are relatively high in price, and the prices of other dark gold maps are not too high, so they are not listed here. If you hit it, don't throw the store, it is a good choice to use or sell it to other players.