Path of Exile Devs details the production process of Cassia Sis

  • In a distinctive game development process, Path of Exile's Nick K, broke down the process that went into making one of Blight's new NPCs, Sister Cassia

    NPCs like Cassia should do a lot of heavy lifting. They are often a point of experience of the league and therefore are thus liable for helping teach the league's mechanics and intricacies. But added to that, they followed have to provide many contexts with the mechanic It's one thing to add tower defense into the Path of Exile. It's another so it will be fit in the world, and also to give the player a reason to interact by it beyond the rewards. If you really need more POE Trade, you can get it from our official website mmoah, which has the cheapest price and the most attentive service.

    Cassia is a unique character. In the early days, we were pretty sure she was a nun, as Elreon's betrayal meant we were without much of a Templar presence anymore, and due to the society every one of the Exiles hail from, Creating a technical background meant likely creating a close relationship together with the Templar (the group, not the gamer class). Internally, she was termed as "Technonun" for a short time as her final name was nailed down. Fun Fact: Cassia is An additional name for Cinnamon, a plant with natural fungicidal properties! If you don't have enough time to play poe but want to buy POE Exalted Orb, MMOAH can complete the transaction as fast as possible to meet your shipping requirements.

    Knowing she became a Templar with technical prowess, it was not a huge leap in logic to imagine she probably knew Dominus and Piety. It's hard to produce someone with those close associations 'good', that's fine because people in Wraeclast are truly good. I Loved the thought of her being morally ambiguous, but broadly doing something healthy for Wraeclast (killing the blight). She used to be a leader among the many Templars, which made her considered to be condescending to counter the widely useful masters we currently have.

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